Vaccination Notice to Families

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Dear Parents and Guardians, Massachusetts School Immunization State Law (M.G.L. c. 76, § 15 and related regulations, 105 CMR 220.000) requires all students who are not in compliance with state mandated vaccines to be excluded from starting school. This law was enacted to keep our children and staff safe from serious vaccine-preventable communicable diseases. The Worcester Public Schools administrative team allowed children to start school but effective October 15, 2018 any student who is not in compliance with the required vaccines for their age will be excluded from school.

If your child is not in compliance you should have received a letter or a phone call from your school nurse informing you of the vaccines your child needs to remain in school. Please be sure to do your part and bring your child to get their vaccines. You may choose to go to your primary care doctor, the WPS Vaccine Clinic at the Parent Information Center, the Family Health Center, or the Edward Kennedy Health Center. Information regarding free health clinics are available below.

Additionally, if your child is signed up to receive health care at their School-based Health Center, you can request that the Nurse Practitioner administer the required vaccines during the school day.

If you have any questions or concerns please call your child’s school nurse.

Vaccination Notice to Families

WPS Immunization Clinic at the Parent Information Center

Worcester’s Free Health Clinics