Science & Technology/Engineering

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The Science and Technology/Engineering program of the Worcester Public Schools provides students with in-depth exploration of the standards identified in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. High quality professional development and support for classroom and afterschool activities are enhanced through partnerships with area colleges and cultural, environmental, and scientific institutions.

* Massachusetts adopted new Frameworks for Science and Technology/Engineering in January of 2016. WPS will be aligning to the new standards over the next 2 years. Grades PreK, K, 1, 2, 3, 6 and High School Physics will begin using the new standards in the 2016-17 school year.

Grade 1 Science & Technology/Engineering

In grade 1, students have more fluency with language, number sense, and inquiry skills. This allows them to describe patterns of motion between the Sun, Moon, and stars in relation to the Earth. From this understanding they can identify seasonal patterns from sunrise and sunset data that will allow them to predict future patterns. Building from their experiences in pre-K and kindergarten observing and describing daily weather, they can now examine seasonal data on temperature and rainfall to describe patterns over time. Grade 1 students investigate sound and light through various materials. They describe patterns in how light passes through and sounds differ from different types of materials and use this to design and build a device to send a signal. Students compare the ways different animals and plants use their body parts and senses to do the things they need to do to grow and survive, including typical ways parents keep their young safe so they will survive to adulthood. They notice that though there are differences between plants or animals of the same type, the similarities of behavior and appearance are what allow us to identify them as belonging to a group. Grade 1 students begin to understand the power of patterns to predict future events in the natural and designed world.